Our high vibration Alchemy Essences contain living energies of specialty herbs and essential oils, charged with the healing power of crystalline energy and other natural structures.

All our Essences are created using the energies of nature, preserved in a medicinal grade rubbing alcohol (rather than a dense brandy that is unable to hold an energy program for long). Made from flowers and herbs, the mother essence is then programmed using crystals, sound, colour, planets, sacred geometry and other energies found in nature. Our Essences have a delicate aroma and, more importantly, they contain the “vibrational signature” of plants and other energy forms for optimal healing.

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How Can Essences Help Me?

The human body has an electrical network within and surrounding it. This energy matrix is linked to our brain, organs and glands as well as our chakra system – our body, mind and spirit wellness.

When we are healthy this network is balanced and fully connected. When something in our life or environment threatens this balance, the electrical system responds by either short-circuiting or overloading. If this happens and our body is unable to naturally repair itself, then a physical imbalance can manifest. We may catch a cold, get a headache, or develop an allergy. Our chakras and aura are affected.

Vibrational essences work on our energetic field. However, when we heal our aura we also harmonize our chakras and our various levels of intelligence.

By balancing and strengthening both our physical body and subtle bodies, we allow for shifts in awareness so that we may follow our path and reach our highest potential.

What Are Chakra Light Essences?

Chakra Light Essences have been designed to open your energy centres so that they are functioning actively, radiantly and strongly.

Chakra Light Essences work directly on your electrical system to facilitate balance on all levels. Physically, they balance the body by reconnecting and adjusting the electrical system. Emotionally and mentally, they assist in identifying and transforming emotional and mental patterns. Spiritually, they foster your connection to your higher self and the universe.

By using the correct Chakra Light Essence, you can immediately balance your electrical system and stop the domino effect that is causing existing problems.

The language of light and colour alters the memory and substructures of our inner personal cosmic language that in turn affects our physiological, neurological, biochemical and cosmological levels of thought. Since Chakra Light Essences are made using an intricate Alchemy process, their powerful formula helps facilitate human life to enjoy exciting new dimensions of being. This key to awareness is encoded within colour and other harmonic structures that exist in Chakra Light Essences.

Also, the unity of one’s entirety is resultant of connecting the body and mind to other levels of consciousness – we say aligning your chakras. Bringing the chakras into harmony requires some chakras to be energized and this can be simply and safely achieved through the use of Gabriel’s Light’s incredible Chakra Light Essences.

When Should I Use Essences?

We can use Essences to help us adjust to the fast pace of our lives. Our lives consist of constant change. Our high powered Alchemy Essences support us to handle shifts easier. Essences also help us to develop self-awareness and to take responsibility for life’s lessons and challenges.

Each Essence holds a specific program. Either pick your Essence to help address a single behaviour or issue you wish to change or choose an Essence with your left hand (your left hand helps you make intuitive decisions). Choose from: Chakra Lights 1 to 12, Unconditional Love, Guardian Angel, Aura Cleanser, White Light Spiritual Spray or Karma Light Comfort, Release, Re-New- All, Transition or Transmute.

Note: Essences work by resonance. If we apply an essence that is inappropriate and has little relationship to our real issues, then it will not resonate with our soul and will have little effect.

What Can I Expect From Essences?

Generally, you will notice something within three to six weeks. Most people will experience a shift in their mental, emotional or spiritual state after a short period of time. Vibrational Essences work subtly, so please be patient. However, some individuals may experience an immediate catharsis or a total transformation. When using Pranic Healing to further program these products, we have observed, by scanning, that  they seem to work almost immediately.

Our Alchemy Essences work to transform your inner life.

You may notice a change in your attitude, behaviour or views. This increased consciousness becomes the conduit for transformations. Vibrational Essences help you to strengthen your soul forces that enable you to learn and grow from life’s challenges. They assist you on your healing journey, and can be your ally and guidance along the way. Essences cannot wipe away your problems or provide instant fixes. However, through quiet reflection, meditation, self-observation and conversation with others, it is possible to become aware of your key issues and challenges that will help you to reach a higher level of consciousness and bliss.

Create positive changes to your life by employing Gabriel’s Light Essences daily!

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